Details on Settings Page on Windows 10 for Phone

One of the major new features of Windows 10 for Phone Build 10051 was the totally overhauled 'Settings' page that offers a whole new design on many more features. The guide describes all the features and functions available in Settings page.

The settings page includes various menu options :-

1) System - for Screen, notifications,search and battery.

2) Devices - For Bluetooth, Keyboard.

3) Network & Wireless - For wifi, airplane mode, Cellular.

4) Personalization -  Background, lock screen, sounds.

5) Accounts - Your account, sign-in options, workplace account.

6) Time & Language - For Date,time & Region, and many other features.

1) System Settings

The system settings provide settings for Display, notifications & actions, phone, messaging etc.

2) Devices

The devices section provides settings for Bluetooth,NFC, Project my screen and Keyboard.