Chrome and Safari Extension Lets You to hide the Facebook News Feed

There was a time when Facebook used to be cozy little hamlet for each college and university. The thing which started as an 'exclusive' social network for Harvard later opened up for more and more colleges.
Finally, It opened up for everyone from students to working people and even your family especially your Mother who was rifting through photo albums filled with beer pong and liking status updates on YOLO-related matters.
With the Introduction of News Feed users were able to get the activity list from the their friends. But it has it's disadvantages also. with the news feed most of the users didn’t care about any of the posts that described activities on Facebook. It doesn’t matter to them if $friend changed their profile picture or liked someone else’s status update. Most of the news they were getting from Twitter only and photos from Instagram.

Therefore, it doesn't matter to see your facebook feed now and most of them already uses it in the same way i.e. logging on to facebook just to see your notifications or messages.

Now, Max Friedrich came to the rescue and created a custom stylesheet that hides the newsfeed. He explains how one could make browser extensions for safari on his post.

And if you're a Chrome user, there's an even simpler way to obliterate the feed using this browser plugin (or even this one). The chrome extension removes the News feed and live ticker and replaces it with an Inspirational Quote.

So, now you can save yourself from tirelessly scrolling down the news feed and only seeing posts that you don't care or doesn't give shit about them in my case. What you say? 
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