New Windows 10 Mobile screen shots show new task switcher , new selection bars, Word as mail editor and more, who always gets their hands on the goodies first, have posted some more screen shots of Windows 10 running on what I assume must be a phablet.

Windows 10 for Phones
An interesting screenshot is of the "Choose an App" selection screen, which shows the OS assigning additional storage a drive letter (as one would expect on their desktop/laptop). This likely could be a pointer to support for external storage.
As well as visual changes in the leaked screenshots, the unreleased build also seems to be taking some of the editing functionality of Word and adding said features to apps like email. From alternating between different headers to implementing a table style, Microsoft is clearly looking to bring across formatting features from Windows to the phone.
In the company's bid to bridge the gap between the desktop OS and Windows-based Phones, it makes perfect sense for Microsoft to go down such a route.
Windows 10 Phones
Everything appears to look clean and inviting. Though we're still in early days and things could change between today and the final build for public release. What do you make of the new changes to Windows 10 for Phones? Sound off your thoughts in the comments and head to to see more screenshots.


Their screen shots demonstrate some new features, including having groups of apps on the task switcher page, the ability to select to still receive MMS messages even when your data is disabled, a new date and time picker, new cut and paste selection bars, and using Word as an email editor, suggesting we may see the updated office suite in the next Technical Preview.