These 8 Ways will surely let u annoy Punjabi's

Punjabis. What would we do without them? They’re boisterous, gaudy, cheerful and slightly vain. But one thing is for sure. Once you get to know them, they make really great friends and annoying your punjabi friend is surely one of the thing you would always want to do ; Here's How :

1) When they tell you they don't drink, gasp in horror and exclaim, "YOU DON'T? You're a Punjabi and you don't drink?"

2)"Let me guess your favorite artist. Honey Singh, right?"

(Earlier it used to be Daler Mehendi in Honey Singh's place).

3) Ask them how long have they lived in Canada. (Do not ask them if they have ever been there, just assume they have. Infuriates them even more)

4) Take them to a nice restaurant and order yellow dal instead of dal makhni or make them eat aalo pranthas without butter.

5) The one sentence that Infuriates me the most is,

"Oh,you're a Punjabi? So where's your turban?"

Breaking News, Being a Punjabi is not equal to Being a Sikh.

6) Ask one question :
What is the story behind sardar jokes of clock striking 12 ?

7) With my experience :
Just tell them, "yaar tune panjabiya di shaan mitti me mila di" (you have let down the pride of punjabis) :P

7) Call your typical Punjabi friend a JAAT instead of JATT.  

8) Tell them that you have never had "Rajma Chawal"