Things You Should Start Doing Now If You Are In VIT University.

1) Learn the skill of networking 

Look around,you will find a lot of people you find interesting,those who you would like to know.Rather than hearing more gossips about them,its better to talk, know and form an opinion on your own. Meet and learn from people who are doing good in the fields that interest you. 

2)Improve your communication and organizing skills

Nothing better than being associated with a club/chapter,which one isn't that important.Just be more involved,learn team work,host some events,remove your stage fear,stop fearing being judged.Being a co-coordinator in Gravitas/Riviera can be helpful if you want to be manager or organizer in the following years. 

3)Try to improve your computer skills 

How does Photoshop work,poster designing,presentation skills,keep a track of notice boards-you never know there is an event that intrigues you.You are never too old to learn. 

4)Take time to go out for lunch with friends and make some memories.Watch some movies too. Make sure that is not the only thing you do.If you haven't spent time with people other than your bf/gf and spent all your weekends only watching 'Game of thrones',you have better options.

Try new electives (make sure the professor teaching it is good). By doing electives you will get to know new areas apart from your core courses like : Neural Techniques, Robotics, Advance Control Systems etc.

6)Join Topcoder, Codechef, Projecteuler, Codeforces, Spoj - especially if you are from CSE, IT software engineering or anywhere remotely related to computer science field.

And don't just create an account - visit regularly, learn and start solving problems. Keep your mind sharp - Mind is like muscle - you keep it in shape by exercising regularly.

7) STAY IN SHAPE. Exercise. Walk. Hit the gym. Play a sport. Wrestle with friends. Have sumo fights. Or just run in the morning and evening. Or probably, wake up just 5 minutes before class and run like hell to class. Take classes in different buildings if that'd help.

But, stay in shape. The metabolism you help your body build and get accustomed to, NOW, in college life - you will thank yourself for that, when you get to work - where you ll be spending most of your time sitting. If you start building your body now - it will come as a habit when you leave college.

Do cardio. Lift weights. Get the body of a spartan - shed some sweat and you will shed the extra flab along with that.

This applies to girls too. 

If you wanna be happy, tie yourself to your goals and dreams and not to people.

Put your mission and your self growth above everything and everyone else.

Last but not the least -

Follow your intuition - be above the influence - and pursue what you are passionate about. Only a very few people live. Others merely exist. You are here for a reason -so, find out what that is, and pursue that with all your might.